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Student Financial View uses proven financial counseling strategies designed to meet you where you are in life and continually hold you accountable until you reach your goals. We help college students set targets and obtain financial counseling affordably with reliable, personalized service.

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Look forward with hope and assurance

Many young people walk through school unable to picture life after college. They can’t exactly visualize what they want to do or where they want to be. Hence, many students rely on chance, which may lead to wrong decisions and financial irresponsibility since there is no specific goal they’re working towards.
Student Financial View helps you create long-term financial goals that steer your actions and decisions towards ultimate fulfillment.
When you have a plan, you have direction — you have a future you can genuinely look forward to.

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Universities can collaborate with us to avail expert financial counseling to all their students.

Financial Counselors

Our experts have the enthusiasm and passion for helping you start your financial journey on the right path even while in college.

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Register to start your annual membership, where you'll have access to a financial counselor bi-weekly throughout the year.

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Expert Financial Counselors

As a personal financial counselor, I’m passionate about working with clients to offer advice while educating and recommending actions that will allow good management of their available financial resources. I count this as an opportunity not just to sell a service but to share with you my knowledge and experience in wealth building. But most importantly, I work acknowledging that each client has a unique financial situation and objective.
– D. Jones

Darryl Jones

Personal Financial Counselor

Michelle Benjamin

Personal Financial Counselor

Rosie Wright

Personal Financial Counselor

What Our Students Say

We service traditional and non-traditional students, online and offline. Listen to how working with a personal financial counselor has helped them overcome challenges with their finances.
Greg Lynch Student

This was the first time managing my own finances since graduating from high school. It was so helpful working with someone to help me with questions I didn't even know to ask.

Danyl Hogan Student

Honestly, not only has my finances changed but my entire life as well. The personal counseling I received from SFV was like someone holding my hands and guiding me on how to handle my bills and expenses. I am still in school, but I currently have clearly defined goals, and my savings account reads so much better now than before I met SFV.

Riaan Logan Student

I've always wished to have a financial plan, but, man, it was almost impossible as a student. Well, Student Financial View has made it so easy and practical in my everyday life.

Emilee Gale Student

My counselor respected my needs and goals but also gave me valid reasons why I needed to make some adjustments. I did all of that, and my! Achieving my goals has become so practical! Thanks, guys!

We are honored to serve students across the nation with expert advice

The brilliant professionals who serve our students create solutions to help change their behavior regarding finances.


Get insight into our most frequently asked questions and how we operate.

As at this time, Student Financial View does not offer any free courses. Your registration comes at a price; it's one way to being financially responsible and understanding the value of every penny.

To register on Student Financial View, you must be at least 18 years of age. We require information about your means of income and tax (if applicable).
You are also responsible for the consequences of any financial decision you make or we assist you in making. We also do not promise an immediate boost in your finances. We work in line with proven strategies that offer effective, long-term results rather than a quick-fix to your finances.
Under no circumstances can we be held liable for any mishap or monetary loss due to our expert advice.

Register on Student Financial View, schedule a consultation with us, and one of our financial counselors will be with you live or in person.

Why Work with a Financial Counselor?

Many people struggle with finances not because they have sufficient resources but because they’re torn between several options such that setting priorities becomes difficult. They are also not accountable to anyone for how they spend, so they have fewer reasons to be cautious.
On the other hand, A financial counselor can help you understand which debts and needs are top priorities, develop budgets, and navigate the consequences of each buying/investment decision. They’re all about helping you create a realistic spending plan, living within your means, and setting goals for a better financial future.
Through continuous financial counseling, you can develop valuable skills that help you become more financially responsible even when you no longer work with a financial expert.

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